About us

Revmo, Inc., provides expert marketplace support for sellers on Amazon.com. We make it our business to understand Amazon’s nuances and algorithm inputs to keep your products on top and maximize your revenue.

Our interdisciplinary team includes some of the most talented in the digital marketing space. That’s because we’re passionate about what we do and how we do it.

Our Team

Jacob Cooley

CEO and Co-Founder

Jacob Cooley is the CEO and Co-Founder of Revmo, Inc. He is responsible for overall client and business strategy, working to accelerate growth and profitability for clients. Jacob’s outlook on creating success and excellence for clients is defined by the core tenets of critical thinking, determination, and relentless work ethic. Prior to Revmo, Jacob was the Director of Marketing with a large private label Amazon seller where he oversaw the copywriting, advertising, photography, graphic design, and customer service departments, and he helped the company grow 400% during his tenure. When not pouring over Excel spreadsheets or testing new ways to create value for clients, Jacob enjoys attending church and spending time with his wife Annie and their dog Ghost.

Jacob received his bachelor’s degree from Saginaw Valley State University with a major in Marketing and a minor in Entrepreneurship. Jacob credits his work ethic and success to his time working at a small-town grocery store in Alma, MI where he gleaned indelible and valuable life lessons from his grandfather, the late, great Larry Mott.

Mark Jones


Mark practically grew up in the D2C business, working with iconic name-making, record-breaking brands like Billy Blanks Tae Bo, while harnessing TV’s intense ever-changing capability and mastering the formulas behind it. He has honed an expertise in every facet of direct-to-consumer marketing: from relying on well-groomed instincts that turned underdogs into best-in-show, to creative direction and the right calls-to-action that helped brands like ZeroWater® dominate the competition, to writing audio reticular jingles in the shower (ones you find yourself singing along to), to working side-by-side to help Mike Lindell build MyPillow® into the fastest growing sleep company in the country. Mark touches all of it, and all the while leading his team with solid vision and ultimate responsibility.

Mark may not mention this, but his team members will; he cares deeply about his people, his clients and their businesses. He’s a paying customer of every brand LBD2C represents, and prides himself on working exclusively with brands he loves and uses. What Mark will tell you is that in order to stay relevant you must adapt to your client’s needs. Hence, the partnership with Impact® to create one of the most robust analytics programs on the planet, the addition of a Las Vegas office in 2018, and the creation of Revmo, which specializes in Amazon. That’s why Mark’s office is wherever clients need it to be.


San Luis Obispo
Las Vegas