Growth after Revmo launches ZVerse on Amazon:

  • $100k in revenue

    in the first 26 days

  • Another $100k

    in the next 10 days

  • 1,075% revenue growth

    in the first 3 months after launch




ZVerse is a digital manufacturer who used its manufacturing expertise to reinvent themselves during the pandemic. Initially, ZVerse’s goal was to help fill the medical face shield shortage. Upon seeing the vast need for PPE, ZVerse expanded its inventive prowess to create the first and only line of neck-mounted face shields, aptly called ZShields. Lacking brand awareness and being a late entry into the market, ZVerse asked Revmo for help launching on Amazon.


How to sell a new design of facial protection in a saturated market, while balancing Amazon’s strict approval requirements and FBA inventory limitations.

26 days to generate first

$100,000 in revenue


Since ZShields was a brand-new line and entering an already competitive category, Revmo took a multi-pronged approach to differentiate the brand and its products from its competitors. Revmo’s holistic strategy included the development of robust product detail pages that outlined the features and benefits of ZShields, highlighting why these masks were safer, better, and more comfortable than traditional masks or shields. In addition, Revmo incorporated branded, non-branded, competitive, and display advertising to boost awareness and engagement, and took advantage of Amazon’s Vine program and (now deprecated) Early Reviewer program to quickly generate customers reviews. In addition to the challenges of launching a new product in the marketplace, ZVerse faced another obstacle with Amazon’s new Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) inventory restrictions. With a strict allotment of 200 units per ASIN, Revmo proposed creating multi-packs and setting up Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) as a back-up solution. The addition of multi-packs and independent detail pages increased the volume of units ZVerse could send into FBA, which provided extra product options and led to broader exposure, more traffic, and sales. Furthermore, by adding FBM as a back-fill option, ZVerse was able to continue selling items even in situations in which the inventory levels were depleted at Amazon. This also facilitated a quick increase in the FBA inventory allowance for the ZShield line – now over 30,000 units.

10 days to generate the next

$100,000 in revenue


The ZShield line experienced explosive growth in sales within the first 30 days of launching, achieving its first $100,000 in revenue just 26 days after launch and it’s second $100,000 just 10 days later. The company continued to see sales increase significantly month-over-month during the pandemic. Since then, ZVerse has developed and launched several more unique, effective, and successful facial barrier products on Amazon.

In the first 3 months after launch

1,075% revenue growth


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