100 days growth after Revmo take-over of Amazon Pages:

  • 90% increase in ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

  • 40% increase in Revenue

  • 21% increase in Sessions




SCOTTeVEST is the original engineer of multi-pocketed travel clothing. Like all travel-related businesses, SCOTTeVEST was hit especially hard by the pandemic. In an effort to bolster sales, they partnered with several digital marketing agencies. Prior to joining forces with Revmo, SCOTTeVEST had seen six straight months of -50% YoY deficits. Within three months of working together, Revmo helped SCOTTeVEST get out of the red and into +40% YoY increases.


How to create growth for a travel-focused brand during a global pandemic.

90% increase

in ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)


To tackle the challenge, Revmo started by analyzing the catalog to discover opportunities where we could promote their products for usage other than travel. SCOTTeVEST products are incredibly unique and beneficial for a variety of activities including hiking, biking, golfing, exploring, and walking. By repositioning the 100+ product detail pages to showcase the various solutions the product offered, Revmo was able to successfully advertise and promote the products to a wider audience, increasing the traffic driven through advertising by 53%. Increasing traffic alone was not going to be enough to solve the problem, so Revmo simultaneously created SEO-rich copy to help the products index better in search and built out imagery and A+ Content to increase the conversion rate and maximize revenue per visitor. Finally, Revmo launched DSP (Demand Side Platform) advertising at a profitable ROAS to remarket to customers who had expressed interest in the category but had not (yet!) purchased a SCOTTeVEST product.

40% increase

in Revenue


SCOTTeVEST saw explosive growth with Revmo and continues to grow YoY as a result of ongoing strategy enhancements. The business is on solid foundation, ROAS is at an all-time high, and SCOTTeVEST not only made it through the worst of the pandemic, but came out even stronger.

21% increase


See What Clients Have To Say

I have worked with many Amazon agencies – big and small. My experience is they are all heavy on promises and short on results. Except Revmo. Jacob and his team started working with us in the heart of the pandemic. As a company that sells travel clothing, the pandemic hit us especially hard. In 3 short months, Revmo helped us go from down 70% in revenue to being up 31% in revenue. All while improving advertising efficiency by 30+%. Their process and strategy works, and I could not recommend them more.

Scott Jordan
CEO and President, SCOTTeVEST


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