Six-month growth after Revmo take-over of Amazon Pages:

  • 679% increase in Revenue

  • 6 point increase in ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

  • 50% increase in Conversion Rate




HandsOn Gloves is a mom-and-pop run company dedicated to revolutionizing pet grooming, while enabling a positive bonding experience with the animal. The patented gloves are beloved by pets and pet owners alike. When Revmo approached their ownership team, HandsOn was struggling to navigate the complexity of Amazon and experiencing poor results on the platform. The brand had challenges controlling the content on their detail pages and maintaining ad visibility at a good ROAS. Revmo analyzed their Amazon presence to identify critical pain points, resolve the issues, and developed HandsOn Gloves into a category leader and best seller.


How to accelerate traffic and sales on Amazon at a premium price point in a competitive category.


679% increase


Following Revmo’s initial audit, several opportunities were discovered that would immediately drive sessions, conversion, and sales. First, Revmo needed to enhance HandsOn’s product detail pages to convey premium value given the premium price. The brand had an amazing story, and we wanted to convey that to their future customers. Owned and operated by a married couple obsessed with their animals, they created a patented, award-winning product designed with both the user AND the animal in mind, and had thousands of happy customers already. Once the detail pages and brand store were re-designed, we went to work on revamping their ad strategy. The pet grooming category is highly competitive, but there are also hundreds of variations in how customers search. We focused on our keyword isolation strategy to identify those keywords and bid specifically and strategically on each. Finally, we launched DSP (demand side platform) to re-target customers that did not convert after visiting products within the broader pet grooming category.


6 point increase


HandsOn experienced tremendous growth, with sales increasing 679% within six months of Revmo joining the team. Conversion rate increased 50% and ROAS increased 6 points. We were able to capture the number 1 best seller’s badge in the Horse Grooming category and continue to experience significant sales volume on the platform.

Conversion Rate:

50% increase

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The Revmo team has been instrumental in strengthening our Amazon performance resulting in a 275% increase in year-over-year revenue. Their e-commerce expertise has solidified our campaign strategy and their account monitoring has been world-class.

Erika Smith
VP of Marketing, HandsOn Gloves


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