2020/2021 growth after Revmo take-over of Amazon Pages:

  • 30%+ growth

    for 18 consecutive months

  • 52% increase

    Year-over-Year of Revenue and Shipped COGS (Cost of Goods Sold)

  • 36% increase

    Year-over-Year of ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)




Supersmile is a clinically-proven, premium teeth-whitening product. Supersmile sells its products directly to Amazon through Vendor Central instead of operating as a retailer through Seller Central. As a result, traffic and conversion rates are the core KPIs fueling growth and bigger purchase orders.


How to sell a luxury product in a category commoditized by Proctor & Gamble and Colgate.

30%+ growth

for 18 consecutive months


To tackle the challenge, Revmo started by gathering proof points of why Supersmile had a better value proposition than its competitors. Since the product is in the Luxury Beauty category, which doesn’t provide bullet points on the detail pages, Revmo had to really focus and convey Supersmile’s value through product imagery, A+ Content, and the Brand Store. The Brand Store was going to be especially important to our goals, and we wanted to really show the depth and breadth of the brand and its products. The toothpaste category tends to have a high repeat-purchase rate, so our strategy was to sacrifice direct ROAS in the short term to entice as many new-to-brand customers as possible. This strategy would compound the number of monthly subscribe-and-save customers we had each month, leading to consistent growth. Once new shoppers were converted, we knew that over 50% would purchase more than three times, adding lifetime value of the customer into the equation. We leaned into the long-term potential, sacrificing short-term profitability in exchange for customer acquisition.

52% increase

Year-over-Year of Revenue and Shipped COGS (Cost of Goods Sold)


By using a customer acquisition and repeat-purchase strategy, we were able to grow Supersmile’s customer base over a period of time leading to 18 consecutive months of 30%+ YoY growth (and counting!). With every month comes a new baseline of topline revenue allowing us to reinvest in more customer acquisition, while accelerating profitability.

36% increase

Year-over-Year of ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

See What Clients Have To Say

Supersmile has been working with Revmo for the past two years and our business has grown dramatically from when we managed Amazon ourselves. Their efficient management of our advertising budget has allowed us to grow faster and re-invest in our business.

David Llewellyn
VP of Marketing, Supersmile


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